Is Tommy Wiseau Scared of Rick Harper?


“The Room” is fully exposed in Rick Harper’s doc “Room Full of Spoons.”

Find out about the legal feud with Tommy, their strange friendship, where Tommy is actually from, how much work did it take to find his home town, and what Rick thinks of James Franco’s new movie “The Masterpiece.”



“Air-Raid” No More. Aaron Roden is a Quitter!


Air-Raid is no more.  Today I’m talking to podcaster Aaron Roden. For the past 5 years Aaron was the host of “Air­-raid.” a super cool music interview show out of Seattle.


Tommy Wiseau Revealed in “Room Full of Spoons”

On a special joint Proudly Resents/Projection Booth crossover, Mike White joins Adam to talk about Room Full of Spoons, a documentary from Rick Harper that chronicles the making and impact of Tommy Wiseau's magnum opus, The Room.

On a special joint Proudly Resents/Projection Booth crossover, Mike White joins Adam to talk about Room Full of Spoons, a documentary from Rick Harper that chronicles the making and impact of Tommy Wiseau’s magnum opus, The Room. Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Play | RSS Tommy Wiseau made a movie so bad, there’s a 2 Read more about Tommy Wiseau Revealed in “Room Full of Spoons”[…]

Neil Breen’s “I Am Here…. Now” w/ @AdamFelber


Neil Breen’s (“Pass Thru”) second film is actually called “I Am Here….Now” (trailer below). It’s fantastic from the moment you notice the error in the title. In the title! This is a crazy movie. It opens with Jesu
not Jesus coming from outer space in a paper weight (yep) to stop corruption and literally lay with a prostitute. Also this movie has an environmental message. This is one of the crazier movies we’ve reviewed on this show. Judith Benezra (TV’s Chuck) and Adam Felber (Radio’s NPR) guest review and HATE this movie. I loved every second.

13419257_10154385623687518_2485105605831335868_nWatch the movie below.

Here’s the plot from the Neil Breen movie on IMDB –

“Disappointed by its creation, the almighty being that created Man arrives on Earth in a human form and interacts with various troubled, wicked and sinful people on his journey to Vegas.”



“It’s A Wonderful Life” & History of Laemmle Theaters


Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Play | RSSFilm blogger and bad movie expert, Sherilyn Connelly, bashes the holiest of holy, “It’s a Wonderful Life. Here’s Sherilyn’s review of her own appearance: “The Proudly Resents interview is up. If you listen closely, you can hear me waving my arms around as I extemporized like mad. I Read more about “It’s A Wonderful Life” & History of Laemmle Theaters[…]

The Tommy Wiseau Interview!


Tommy Wiseau interview!

Before watching “The Disaster Artist” listen to an interview with the real man!

The writer, director, star of the “Citizen Kane of Bad Films” talks about the musical version of his cult hit “The Room,” the violence is in all of us and what he really thinks of the “mainstream press.” Normally super secretive about his past,  he also accidentally revealed he summered in Hawaii growing up.

This Tommy Wiseau interview was mostly him promoting his new webseries. Which is fine. It’s a funny interview.  You can watch his show below.

Meet the man who claims he really directed “The Room”

Play “The Room” Video Game!


Read Fan Fiction! And the man behind it.

Hear a Review


“The Room” Fan Fiction

Every “The Room” fan knows that one thing Tommy will not talk about his home country. He wants to keep that a mystery. Also mysterious? The man behind the unofficial prequel to “The Room” called “The Dingy Apartment.” Yes, “The Room” has fan fiction.

The webpage describes the prequel as:
For all that The Room accomplishes, perhaps its most compelling achievement is the sprawling mythos it evokes. So many past events are alluded to but never revealed. Why didn’t the YMCA cash Johnny’s check? How did Denny get involved with Chris-R? Why won’t Peter go to the Bay To Breakers marathon this year?
Where did Johnny get his accent from? And does nobody have a last name? […]

“Oh, Hi Sandy!”

“The Room” Scandal? Did Tommy Wiseau not direct “The Room?”  Was it even directed? The script supervisor, Sandy Schklair  has come forward claiming that Tommy had Sandy yell, “Action” and “Cut” and other director duties. But Tommy still thinks he directed the film. As a fan of the movie and lure, I love this. This Read more about “Oh, Hi Sandy!”[…]

“The Room” The Review


Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Play | RSS“The Room” is best of the bad, the movie that makes you feel warm inside is finally being reviewed.  This is a must see and a must be heard. The hosts of the podcast, writer Noam Dromi and actor Brad Rowe join us in a sea of Read more about “The Room” The Review[…]

“The Room” the game!

Some brilliant folk came up with a “The Room” the video game. Play Johnny as he goes through the movie and buys a red dress for Lisa, chase Denny out of the bedroom and other exciting moments from the movie. Tommy Wiseau in 8 Bit! The music transforms to video game background perfectly. This game Read more about “The Room” the game![…]