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“Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas” Live w/@JimmyPardo, @ToddLevin and @SharonHouston

KIRK 2Jimmy Pardo,  Todd Levin  (Conan) and comedian Sharon Houston  (Punk’d) rip apart the worst Christmas movie ever made, “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas.”

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“Theodore Rex” Extincts! (It stinks)

“Theodore Rex”  Extincts! (It stinks)

My big bro Mike Spiegelman insist we watch the biggest mistake in Whoopi Goldberg’s career and she named herself “Whoopi Goldberg.” “Theodore Rex” is  a kid’s film with bad dinosaur costumes and shoot outs.

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It’s the future – and Whoopi is a cop with a dinosaur partner. What else do you need? Plot, jokes, production value? Naw.

From Wikipedia –


Though Whoopi Goldberg had made a verbal agreement to star in the film in October 1992 she attempted to back out. Abramson filed a $20 million lawsuit against Goldberg, which they settled very quickly. Goldberg agreed to star in the film for $7 million, ]$2 million more than the originally agreed-upon amount.

One of the attorneys on the case described this as being similar to the legal battle of Kim Basinger when she backed out of the film Boxing Helena.

Watch the movie below:

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Three of the Week 11/14

Three of the Week 11/14

Every Monday, I give three new podcasts suggestions to try out.


Dream Tweet! Very funny game show where you have to guess the celebrity based on the tweets. We have a lot of great guests lined up for future episodes. The first show has Christian Finnegan vs. MTV’s Damien Fahey. Upcoming guests include writers from Conan, Bill Maher and the Daily Show. Plus people from your favorite podcasts compete for glory and $5!

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Brittany and Meredith Live! Two funny women getting drunk (are drunk?) and giving ridiculous advice. This show is fun to listen to (I haven’t caught the live feed yet) because Meredith and __ are so much fun. The show is addicting. They make me laugh and when they don’t, they make me smile.

Episode 6 is a best of show. Let that help you catch up.


Son of a Pitch – I don’t usually watch video podcasts, but this one is great. Two guys pitch ridiculous movie ideas to different movie execs. They then show a funny and super low-budget version of the pitch. These movie ideas are hilariously awful. The only unrealistic thing about this show is that the execs always say no. Come on, I know this is a scripted show, but somewhere there’s an exec who is watching the show for real ideas. Case in point, their funny take off on a Jaws sequel was rejected by a studio exec because sharks can’t live in a lake. This summer there was  a movie about sharks in a lake and the teenagers who kept going in. So take that guys who are trying to make fun of bad movies – you can’t out crap Hollywood!

UPDATE: The show’s creator emailed me with great news about SOP.

From Andy:

As of this week, Son of a Pitch will become the world’s first 3Dcomedy TV show!… I made a 30 minute version of Bear Force One, submitted it to a bunch of film festivals, and it’s actually won four of them! Its on youtube if you want to check it out. But the 3D son of a pitch episodes should begin airing on Direct TV’s 3Net sometime this week. Totally new, very cool!



Three of the Week 11/7

Three of the Week 11/7

Story Worthy is a great story telling show hosted by Christine Blackburn and Hannes Phinney. Each week they have a different guest and a different subjects. Stories about waiting tables, c*ck blocking, young love and barking dogs. first the hosts give their take on the subject. Then guest will do a story and then a quick interview. The shows are close to 40 minutes. They are a lot of fun. (Full disclosure, I was a guest. It was fun. They will be on “Proudly Resents”  soon.)


The Jerky Boys Show with Johnny Brennan. If we wait long enough everyone will have a podcast. Proof? JB of the Jerky Boys has a show that plays one bit and then he answers questions and gives background on some of the bits. I have a question, what happened to the other guy who was in the group? Why do you take all the credit? Also, as a fan of the Jerky Boys and a New York accent, how can I not listen every week?


Martini Shot– TV writer Rob Long does a weekly radio column on KCRW. He talks about Hollywood showbiz stuff and makes it universal. Interesting stuff. Each show is 4 minutes. You can listen to a munch of shows at one.


Have you heard these shows? What do you think? Tell us on our Facebook page.

Read about past podcasts.

This Wednesday Nicko returns to “Proudly Resents” and we see who has the worst TV, America or Brittain.




Three of the Week – RIP Edition

Three of the Week – RIP Edition

Boo! Every Monday, we present three podcasts you might not know about. Try them out. Tell me what you think.

In honor of Halloween, we feature three podcasts that are no longer making new episodes, but you can still find them on itunes. They are now dead. DEAD!


Things We Did Before RealityThis show is more of a zombie. About once a year a new episode will may show up. It’s comedian Will Franken’s show from top to bottom. He writes, records and plays all the characters. The show feels like a one man Monty Python mixed with a strange dream. Look at the shows as a double comedy album.


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Three of the Week: 10/24

Three of the Week: 10/24

Every Monday, we present three podcasts you might not know about. Try them out. Tell me what you think.

The Business. It’s a weekly show biz show from the LA station KCRW. Each week there are one or two Hollywood type stories.  Check out the separate interviews with the two guys guys credited for writing “Battlefield Earth,” each one blaming the other for the messy film, the writer who’s suing for age discrimination, The Hollywood shrink who tells too much or  the writer and the director of “The Help.” The show starts off with some Show biz news, but each feature is pretty timeless. So go back and pull the stories you find most interesting.
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Three of the Week – 10/17

Three of the Week – 10/17

Lou Reads the Internet for You! -Each episode this guy does just that. Lou finds interesting and strange things from the WWW.  More interesting than it sounds. He was reading confessions of people from a confession site when his roommate walked in at an awkward moment. He left that in the podcast. It was fun to hear. Check it out.


Podcast Answerman – If you’re a podcaster this show is a must. Every week Cliff Ravenscraft answer questions, gives tips and updates on the world of podcasting. If you haven’t heard the show, start with the last episode and go backwards since he updates his tips. Cliff takes his time explaining things which helps and it’s still interesting.


The Shortwave Audio Podcast – You’re saying, “This sounds like a nice comedy troupe or a Harold from one of those UCB clubs.” Nope and you are over thinking it. It’s shortwave audio. Here’s how they describe it,  “Audio from all over the world. Hear what other listeners are hearing on the Shortwave Radio, Amateur Radio HF, VHF and UHF bands in MP3 or Streaming format. Reception Reports, Shortwave related News,Video,Links and more.


This Wednesday “Proudly Resents” talks to writer/director Rob Schrab (“Sarah Silverman Program,” “Heat Vision and Jack”).


The Tommy Wiseau Interview!

Tommy Wiseau interview!

This Tommy Wiseau interview was mostly him promoting his new web series. Which is fine. It’s a funny interview.  You can watch his show below.  Tommy won’t answer any of the questions about the movie. He would only promote this terrible show about playing video games. So I asked him his favorite games and he wouldn’t tell me. I finally just started and ended each sentence by plugging his book. Then I gave him a big compliment and he turned around.

If you are looking for an interview with Tommy Wiseau that will explain the film, good luck finding one. This interview is pure Tommy fun. If you listen carefully enough, you can hear my head explode.

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