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Alan Sacks: From Kotter to LA Punk

An incredible interview with a man who went from co-creating "Welcome Back, Kotter" to going deep into the LA Punk scene to making Disney Movies

 Alan SacksAlan Sacks co-created “Welcome Back, Kotter.” Alan Sacks gave John Travolta his big break. He produced films for the Disney Channel and the Jonas Brother. Most Recently, Alan Sacks managed the kid rock phenom ” .” But for me, he’s best known for the Ray Sharkey LA Punk Rock art house flick, duBeat-e-o.

On the podcast, Alan Sacks goes into great detail about his experience in the punk scene and what brought him there.

I talked to Alan Sacks and I brought up that I thought he was the manager of the kid heavy metal band, “Unlocking the Truth.” Alan immediately set me straight and let me know that he was let go. Alan’s options are his own. I know nothing of this situation. I invite the parents of the kids or the management to rebut what Alan said. But again, it’s his opinion. Not mine or the show’s.

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Monty Python Takes Over Morning Show (1975)

Monty Python Takes Over Morning Show (1975)

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 1.43.34 PMEric Idle, Graham Chapman, Michael Palin and Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam take over a 70’s American morning show to promote their movie, “The Holly Grail.” (Starts about 1 minute in) They are the “co-hosts” for the hour.  They try to read prompter and by the end of they are tearing the studio up. Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 1.46.55 PM

The host seems to be having fun. The late Peter Jennings is having none of it. He seems pretty annoyed. Maybe because Chapman sneaks a middle finger on air.

There’s also an extra long clip from the movie.

The end credits play straight while the Python guys are tearing apart the set and attacking the host.

Say No more! (Video After the jump)

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“Who’s That Girl?” Sreenwriter Andrew Smith

“Who’s That Girl?” Sreenwriter Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith has written for Newhart, Merv, Barbara and even Madonna. Andrew talks about what it was like to write what he thought was his best work only to watch it turn into “Who’s That Girl?” Also, what’s it like to write on the View and how to write a joke.

Andrew also wrote for SNL and the Barbara Steisand classic “The Main Event.” Andrew talks about both projects in a future show.

7 Things About Nikki Glaser

7 Things About Nikki Glaser

Nikki Glazer was a panelist for Blogworld (Now NME). It was on comedians having podcasts pros/cons. I did a pre-interview with her over the phone to get an idea of what we were going to talk about. Here’s that interview (cleaned up):
Hear the panel talk.

We were drunk at a party and I agreed to do a bunch of podcasts That’s what comedians talk about and make lofty plans. I had 10 podcasts in development with 20 different people. The next day . Sarah called and told me to meet her some where to do the podcast. And I did. I just needed someone to do it. Sarah and I met at a party the night before we started. I never met her met before that.

I think it’s because we are ego maniacs and we like to hear the sound of our own voice.
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More With Morty!

More With Morty!

TV legend Robert “Morty” Morton is back to talk about: the worst talk shows, who should replace Regis, who should replace Leno,  crazy Kathy Lee, c*ck blocking Clinton and behind the scenes in the Bill Hicks scandal.

Watch “The Late Shift” and hear the story behind the story behind the story on last week’s episode.


David Letterman Former EP Robert “Morty” Morton

Dave and Morty - Hollywood styleThe man behind Letterman – Robert “Morty” Morton talks about “The Late Shift” which is based on his time during the Letterman/Leno feuds. Morty gives us insight to what it was like to be on the front lines of the backstabbing of the late night wars.

Also, Morty chimes in on who should replace Letterman and Leno if they are ever to retire.
Today’s show is part one of an interview with Morty.

You can watch the movie on Amazon (we get a cut).


Listen to part 2 here!

Listen to part two where Morty talks about a cranky Regis, a crazy Kath Lee and who should Co-host with Kelly. Plus get behind the scenes of the Letterman/Bill Hicks story and hear how Tom Schneider busted Morty on air .  Bonus: We’ll tell you who  Tom Schneider is.Read More

Confessions of an Oscar Writer

Confessions of an Oscar Writer

Oscar scribe, Mason Stienberg gives the behind the scenes on the awards show. Unlike “The Artist” Mason is not silent about working with Billy Crystal! Find out why some jokes make it and why some don’t. Plus Mason brings jokes and bits that did not make air.

Also talks about writing for Robins Williams, the  Russell Brand show on FX soon and “Celebrity Apprentice.”

New Segment: Cannon Ball Run style outtakes!

Are you saying to yourself,
“Oscar talk? It’s so last month!”
Listen pal… if you met someone at  a dinner party who worked on the Oscars you’d ask him a million questions. You would eventually ask him what he made for a living and that would be super embarrassing. Don’t ask people in showbiz what they make. It’s still not polite.

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“Job Creators” are just Sharks

“Job Creators” are just Sharks

ABC’s “Shark Tank” exposed how the 1% really feels about hiring Americans.  The show proved that giving tax breaks to the rich will just keep the rich richer.

You see a  man came in with a product that people will want/need. It seems like a no brainer. BUT he will only make in the USA because he wants to help his small town that was devastated when the factories closed. He knows first hand what it does to a town when the jobs go over seas. he is stubborn about that. For that reason the sharks don’t see how they can make money and they are out. even the guy who’s dad was a factory worker. Robert cries when talking about his dad saying his proudest moment is working in a factory, but he still won’t invest in American jobs. It’s not about the people, it’s the profit. I’m not saying it, investors are saying it, openly, as fact.

This is why work is going overseas, it’s cheaper. That’s all the “Job creators” care about. So the government gives them tax breaks and they take them to China or where ever. Jobs will leave this country as long as it’s profitable.

Nicko & the Worst Sitcom of the Year

Nicko & the Worst Sitcom of the Year

ABC’s sitcom “Work It” has been called the worst show on TV in years. They made it and put it on air. So Nicko and I were planning on reviewing the show, and then they cancelled it. UGH! Now you have taste, ABC?

Caleb Bacon, Paul Goebel, Paul Sullivan and my brother Mike Spiegelman call to leave their opinions about the doomed show and plug their projects. Sullivan makes a great point that the show starts with a reference to “The Accused.” A rape joke that refers to a movie from 20 years ago.

Here we are comparing who has the worst TV, GB or USA.

This podcast opens with Nicko and I trying to sync up our recordings. We’re supposed to count at the same time. Nicko can’t figure that out.

Today is a short show because of technical problems. We will have more conversations with Nicko next time. You can watch the pilot for work it on and comment on our Facebook page.




Three of the Week. 10/10

Three of the Week. 10/10

Three podcasts I wait for each week. I hope you will like…

“Daytime Justice” – Sharon Houston talks to people in the strange world of daytime court shows. I worked in this genre for five years. There are a lot of great stories. Wait for the teeth episode. Also look for my interview.


“Filmweek” – Every Friday a rotating panel of reviewers review the latest releases. Great conversations. Airs earlier that day at 11 on KPCC in Los Angeles.


“Paul Goebel Show” – It’s supposed to be about TV, but it’s mostly Paul and his funny friends goofing around. Unlike every other show with three dudes talking, each person sounds different and have a different role. He gets a lot of great guests. Paul F. Tompkins, Jimmy Pardo, Janitor from “Scrubs.”

Please email me with any suggestions. I turned the comment section off because I get 1,000 spam comments to the one real one. If you have a show  or a comment about one of the shows listed, email me or comment on our facebook page.



Also remember to listen to “Proudly Resents.” This Wednesday Nicko returns with Jon Cryer is “Hiding Out.”