• You’ll never guess how this actor got on CSI Download | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | RSSWhile some out of work actors spend their days in coffee shops or on Playstation, Feikamoh Massaquoi is literally hitting the streets. I […]

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  • Daniel Sollinger Can Produce Anything!

    What do you do if your actress walks off set b/c she wants a better IMDB ranking? Or you catch your PA making out w/ a random woman? Or the […]

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    “Samurai Cop” cop star, Matt Hannon,¬†¬†sat at my dining room table¬†for a candid, fascinating¬†interview. Find out some of the shooting secrets to some of the great scenes. Why was Matt […]

  • “Showgirls” and the OJ Jury

    The “Groundlings” lead Jim Wise to a part in “Showgirls” witnessing ¬†director¬†Paul Verhoeven¬†and¬†Elizabeth Berkley¬†on set romance, a¬†private Hollywood “Showgirls” screening with Kyle MacLachlan¬†and a command performance for the OJ Simpson […]

  • How to make a B-Movie starring Seymour Cassel

    The late Seymour Cassel acted in many great movies. This is not one of them. Find out the long strange journey.

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